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Home Office Ergonomics

How do you set up an ergonomic workspace at home? In short, ergonomics is about how to adapt the workplace to the employee’s needs to avoid strain, injuries and discomfort. This course will provide you with practical advice on how to efficiently and safely design your home office to avoid strain injuries. 


  • 25 minute e-learning

  • The course requires no prerequisites

  • Available for use on laptops, mobiles, and tablets 

  • Available in English and Norwegian

390,- per participant

Learning outcome

  1. Gain insight into the most commonmusculoskeletal disorders and how to prevent them. 

  2. Get practical tips on how to design an ergonomic workstation at home. 

  3. Gain an understanding of what toconsiderin order to avoid strain injuries while working from home.  

Course content

  1. Desk setup 

  2. Sitting position and posture 

  3. Proper monitor height 

  4. Advice for proper use of a keyboard, computer mouse, and phone 

  5. Lighting and air quality 

  6. Stretching and moving while working from home 

  7. Breathing exercises that reduce stress  

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The course is designed so that participants to learn at their own pace, and from anywhere and at any time. You gain access to the course through a digital platform. The course takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.

390,- per participant

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Course information

This course aims to increase your understanding of how you can design an ergonomic workstation at home in simple steps. In addition, it provides practical advice on how to take care of both mind and body while working from home. 

It is suited for office workers who would benefit from advice on healthy workstation habits and anyone working from home on a regular basis

The course requires no prerequisites.