Supporting the power of people!

Avonova strengthens businesses through occupational health services that encourage the holistic health of all employees. Because people are the single most potent ingredient ever, period.

About us

Workplace health management that frees up time and promotes well-being

Stay compliant with laws

Our compliance services help businesses stay on top of ever-changing legal regulations.

Target and treat health problems

Our licensed team of health practitioners detect and treat both the issues and their causes.

Offer innovative healthcare

Our health coaches care for employees’ total well-being–both at work and at home, with a 24-hour perspective.

The four dimensions of a healthy workplace

Healthy Employees

Ensure the physical and mental well-being of your employees through our comprehensive health services.

Safe physical work environment

Discover, monitor and address factors that create workplace safety risks.

Supportive social work environment

Bring a sense of well-being to your work culture through tools that support the relational side of employment.

Organized systems + leadership

Stay organized and efficient with HR and HSE regulatory tools that keep you on top of your workplace maintenance.

Clarity for large businesses

Employee well-being has a direct connection to company performance. When problems arise, we can help you identify their root causes and assist with solutions.

For large businesses

Simplicity for small businesses

Our user-friendly HSE system and advisors help you comply with statutory requirements and create a healthy working environment. So you can focus on what you know best–your business.

For small businesses

Holistic health support for all

Our medical practitioners and health coaches view health as more than just a number–their vision is to support overall wellbeing in addition to providing necessary medical services.

Avonova Clinic

Engage with holistic health insight.

Occupational health doesn’t stop when the workday ends. By knowing how sleep, exposure to nature, exercise, emotional states, nutrition and relationships all play a factor in overall health, employees can optimize their well-being, which in turn improves the health of the place they work.