Occupational health and safety – Avonova’s basic training

Avonova's basic training on occupational health and safety is carried out in four parts. The training is aimed at managers, supervisors, safety representatives, union representatives and those who, based on their function, need knowledge about how occupational health and safety issues should be handled.

Focus is on systematic management of occupational health and safety and cooperation between employer and workers.


Part 1: Swedish basic regulation concerning work environment, health and safety (time: 10-15)

  • The Work environment act and other rules

  • Systematic work environment management (SAM)

  • Different roles, cooperation is important

  • Case: identify risks/risk assessment

Part 2: Organizational and social work environment (OSA) (time 10-12)

  • Stress-related illnesses

  • Unhelathy workload

  • Working hours

  • Victimization

Part 3: Ergomomics- basic knowledge of anatomy, how work affects the body (time 13-15)

  • Regulations, roles and responsibility

  • The perspective of HTO (human, technology, organization)

  • Risk assessment methods, assessment tools and the purpose of using these tools.

  • Computer ergonomic

  • My area of responsibility as manager, co-worker and workers representative.

Part 4: Work adaptation and rehabilitation (time 10-12)

  • Regulations, roles and responsibilities

  • Seeing early signs of ill health and how to act upon them

  • The course of job modification and rehabilitation in work life

  • Prevention, health factors

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