Face-to-face or virtual classroom

1 day


HSE Course for managers

The HSE Course for Managers is a statutory full-day course that will provide training on health, safety and the environment in relation to all requirements set down in the Norwegian Working Environment Act. The course looks at the laws and regulations that form the basis for a satisfactory work environment and is based around Section 3-5 of the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

Course information

  • One day HSE course

  • Suitable for managers and middle managers with HR responsibilities

  • The course will be delivered face-to-face or through a virtual classroom

Learning outcome

  1. Thorough review of the HSE topics addressed in the Norwegian Working Environment Act and associated regulations

  2. Thorough understanding of how you can help create positive HSE work within your own company through your HSE role.

  3. Understanding of what the regulatory requirements mean in practice and the importance of positive collaboration and participation in HSE work.

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Further information about the course

No prior knowledge is required to attend this course. The course is adapted to those with little or no HSE knowledge, but also aims to provide refresher content for course participants who are already familiar with the content.

Who should attend this course?

  • The employer’s chief executive (statutory)

  • Managers/middle managers with HR responsibilities (statutory expertise)

The employer, represented by the CEO in practice, is legally required to complete HSE training. This duty cannot be delegated to others. Organisations that operate under multiple business registration numbers must also be able to document such training for the chief executive for each business register number.

HSE expertise is required for managers and this expertise must be adapted to management tasks: Managers with HR responsibilities (or extensive financial responsibilities) are expected to possess the same expertise as the CEO. Since such expertise needs to be documented, it is common to also provide the training to other managers than the CEO.

If you are a manager and serve on your company’s Working Environment Committee, you are required to attend the Work Environment Foundation Course.

The course will provide the employer with knowledge about its duties in relation to HSE, how to systematically work on health, safety and the entails and why.

The training aims to support the company and enables the employer to see, think and act in such a way that health, safety and the environment is taken care of.

  • How to map the physical and psychosocial work environment

  • How managers can target measures, risk manage and avoid accidents in the workplace

  • The way in which we practice health-promoting and safety-promoting measures in the workplace

  • How HSE affects employees, the organisation and the work environment

In summary, the HSE Course for Managers helps participants to identify, evaluate and communicate information about the workplace and environmental conditions that may have a harmful impact on employee health. This means that the participants become even greater resources for the company.

  • The background of the course (legal requirements set down in Section 3-5 of the Norwegian Working Environment Act)

  • Legislation and roles in HSE work

  • Systematic HSE work

  • Physical work environment factors and occupational hygiene

  • Absence due to illness and follow up thereof

  • Ergonomics in the workplace

  • Psychosocial and organisational work environment

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