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Introduction to HSE

Introduction to HSE is a course that covers the basics of workplace health and safety, by giving you a thorough introduction to the HSE legislation and all the main topics of the HSE work. The course can be completed as a 40-hour training, compulsory for safety representatives and members of the working environment committee, or as a two-day course for those without the 40-hour requirement.


  • 40 hours training in HSE work / 2 days HSE course

  • Access to digital learning

  • The course is suitable for anyone who needs competence in HSE work

Learning outcome

  1. Participants of the Introduction to HSE course will receive a comprehensive overview of the HSE requirements in the Working Environment Act and its regulations.

  2. Knowledge and tools for how HSE matters can and should be handled in practice.

  3. Introduction to the internal control regulations and other HSE regulations

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Further information about the course

There are no knowledge requirements for the Introduction to HSE course. The course is designed for those with little to no HSE knowledge, but aims to also be a course for those familiar with HSE wishing to learn more.

We do however expect participants to communicate well in English. Alternatively, the type: entry-hyperlink id: c2dyOqsv3VkYSu0r0GsLlnJ.

To complete the e-learning course, the participant needs access to a computer with internet connection. If the participant is required to complete the e-learning course at home on their own equipment, we kindly ask employers to keep in mind that also the e-learning course is to be counted as work hours.

The course is suitable for anyone who needs competence in HSE work.

Certain roles are required by law to undergo a minimum of 40 hours training in HSE work. When completing all three parts of the course, it meets the hour and content requirements of this training. 40-hour training is compulsory for:

  • Safety representatives

  • Senior safety representatives

  • Members of the working environment committee (both employer and employee representatives)

HSE training is also compulsory for employers (general managers), whilst necessary HSE competence is further a requirement to all managers. The regulations do not specify the duration of this training, and it may be considered to complete only the first part(s) of the course. The whole, or part of the course, is therefore also suitable for:

  • Employers (general managers)

  • Other managers

  • HR personnel

  • HSE personnel

  • Union representatives

  • … and anyone else who needs to increase their HSE knowledge

The course consists of three modules:

Part one is a two-day course in a virtual or physical classroom.

Regardless of whether the course is held in a virtual classroom or at one of our many course locations, the participant will be guided through the important HSE aspects by an experienced and competent course instructor. Work in groups, discussions and sharing experiences are valued as an important part of the learning process. There’s a maximum of 30 participants, ensuring that everyone can participate actively. Course materials are provided either as a booklet or as a electronic compendium.

Part two is an e-learning course that participants complete individually.

The following week of the classroom course, participants are given access to the e-learning course. This part of the training aims to give the participant both repetition of important topics, as well as going into more detail on certain topics. At the end of each module (topic), the participant must pass a short test. The participant needs access to a computer with an internet connection. As the 8 module e-learning is extensive and estimated to take two working days to complete, we recommend to complete one or two modules per day.

Part three is a practical assignment to be completed where you work.

The last part of the course focuses on applying the newly gained theory in practice., and the participant is given a template to complete in collaboration with their manager or working environment committee. Some key areas of the assignment are addressing how certain legal requirements are solved in their workplace, learning about the company’s HSE procedures and establishing routines for collaboration.

At the top of the page, you can read how the three parts Introduction to HSE course is structured. All main HSE topics are covered in the classroom course, whereas the e-learning repeats and goes 
in depth on the same topics. The practical assignment addresses the practical application of HSE in the participant’s workplace.

Topics covered are:

  • What is HSE and why is it important?

  • Introduction to the Working Environment Act

  • Introduction to the internal control regulations and other HSE regulations

  • Roles, tasks, and responsibilities in the HSE work

  • Internal notification

  • Work-related injuries and diseases

  • Systematic HSE work

  • Mapping of the work environment

  • Risk assessments

  • Action plans to follow up on risks and deviations

  • Psychosocial and organisational work environment

  • Physical work environment

  • Chemical and biological work environment

  • Ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders

  • Sick leave; prevention and follow-up

  • AKAN: Addiction in relation to work


OHS customer 7990,- per participant

Assist customer 0,- per participant

Not customer 9490,- per participant


OHS customer  8990,- per participant

Assist customer 0,- per participant

Not customer 10490,- per participant


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