Clarity for large businesses

Employee well-being has a direct relationship with company performance. When problems arise, we can help you identify their root causes and assist with solutions.

As your partner and advisor, we help you create a culture of health inside your business which minimizes injuries, sick leave and turnover and maximizes satisfaction and output.

Detect and correct issues in the workplace

Reduce sick leave

Understand the impact and cost of sick leave and implement measures to reduce it.

Minimize stress

Become aware of the impact of stress, unveil its root causes and put plans in place to reduce its impact.

Suppress turnover

Pinpoint the hidden causes of unwanted turnover and act to increase loyalty and commitment.

Prevent burnout

Identify the interconnected causes of burnout and implement measures that foster robust mental health.

Reduce employee sick leave

Sick leave directly affects company performance, and pinpointing why there is an elevation in number and duration can become critical.

As a trusted advisor, we can both help you discover the sources of increased sick leave and create an effective plan to eliminate these sources.

Understand and deal with stress

We can help you address the invisible challenges in the workplace, such as stress. Our interdisciplinary team can assess the root causes of elevated stress amongst employees and help you put a plan in place to reduce or eliminate its impact.

Suppress turnover

You work hard to hire your talented workforce and turnover can cause instability and loss of productivity.

We can work with you to find the root cause of high turnover- whether it is due to something physical, social or psychological. Then our team of experts will help fix the problem, creating loyalty and a positive work culture.

Treat and prevent employee burnout

Burnout is a stress that is work-related and involves a persistent feeling of physical or emotional exhaustion. It often leads to sick leave — and in worst cases, termination of employment. All of which directly affects company performance.

We can help you identify the interconnected sources of burnout in your business and set up an action plan for its prevention.

Let us help you bring clarity to your workplace challenges. Contact us today.

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