A new approach to health

Avonova Clinic is our innovation incubator for health services. Our medical practitioners and health coaches view health as more than just a number-their vision is to support overall wellbeing in addition to providing necessary medical services.

Broad expertise and a holistic vision of health

Health Controls

We provide physical examinations and wellness checks.

General Practice

We offer general medical consultation and perform simple medical procedures.

Certification + Travel

We assist employees with industry certifications and travel vaccinations.

Health Coaching

Our coaches optimise well-being with a 24-hour perspective on health.

Boost performance by empowering employees’ holistic health.

In the near future you will be able to offer holistic health services to your employees, helping them to thrive while increasing your company’s performance.

Visit Avonova Clinic


Munkedamsveien 45,

0250 Oslo, Norway

Opening hours

Monday – Friday

08:00 - 15:30

Contact and booking

+47 23 11 58 50