We are Avonova

With 170 locations, 15.000 customers and close to 1.300 occupational health care professionals, Avonova is the largest private provider of occupational health services in the Nordic region.

We are a group of engaged team players in the health and compliance industry. In addition, we are driven to bring innovation to occupational health through a holistic 24-hour lifestyle perspective.

Proudly owned by Norvestor

Since January 2019, Avonova has been proudly owned by Norvestor, one of the largest private equity firms in the Nordic region. With its unique active ownership approach, it has supported businesses in the Nordics for nearly three decades.

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Management team

Liselott Kilaas

Chairman of the Board

Max van Eijk

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Carlborg

Chief Medical Officer

Kenneth Dahlquist Valboll

Chief Commercial Officer

Sara Uggelberg

Chief Financial Officer

Bård Windingstad

Chief Digital Officer

Pia Geivald

Chief People Officer

Petter Hallman

Managing Director, Sweden

Liv Østbye

Managing Director, Norway

Thomas Skorpen

Vice President, Transformation